Huka Pele Tiki Weekender, September 6-9, 2018

Symposiums and Workshops



Have you seen an automated bartender (barbot) produce delicious drinks consistently every time at some event or business? Or are you just curious and want to see how it works and/or how to make one for yourself to wow your friends and family?
Learn about the history of automated drink machines (barbots) from BC to the 40s to current options. Learn about barbot making and how it all works. Get insight into the plusses and minuses of materials and pumps. At the close of the symposium we will have a cocktail demonstration party to celebrate all you have learned and see the action first hand.

TIME: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM, FRIDAY 9/7/18
COST: $15 per person (21+ age required)
VIP Pass * Entrance already Included with Pass.

Automated Bars Past Present and How you can Create one for your Home Tiki Bar

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Workshop: Tiki Pendant Making (Carving to Finish) by Tiki Al

This is a workshop to have fun while learning how to make tiki pendants of your own. Al Zequeira who makes intricate and unique pieces of art you can wear has agreed to teach this workshop so you can make your own unique tiki pendant. You will learn all the steps from carving to molding the final piece. This is an opportunity you do not want to miss. This workshop will be a two day class over 4 hours long total. Al will get you started the first day and you can continue to work on your piece while you lounge by the pool. On the 2nd day, you will get a chance to mold your one of a kind pendant.

COST: $55 per person (18+ age required)
**Workshops not included with VIP Pass.

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Learn Pinup Posing, front to back, with The Fox and The Vamp!

Cocktail Competition : You be the judge

TIME: 3:00 PM-4:00 PM, FRIDAY 9/7/18
COST: $20 per person (18+ age required)
VIP Pass * Entrance already Included with Pass.

TIME: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM, SATURDAY 9/8/18
COST: $25 per person (21+ age required)
VIP Pass * Entrance already Included with Pass.

Pinup posing 101, created by Darby Fox and Sarah Vamp of the dynamic duo, The Fox and The Vamp, features the essentials of pinup posing such as facial expressions, posture, body angles, hands, feet, posing from head to toe, and applying these fundamentals to classic pinup poses. Class is interactive and hands on. Expect to move and participate in class exercises!

Open to all skill levels, from experienced and aspiring models to ladies who love all things pin-up! No modeling experience required. This class is for ladies 18 years of age and older only.
Bartenders from all over Las Vegas will compete in a head-to-head tiki cocktail competition judged by you the audience and sponsored by Lexba Rum. Three Las Vegas bartenders will be chosen to throw down in a tiki cocktail challenge at the Huka Pele Las Vegas Tiki Weekender Saturday afternoon in the grand ballroom. The creations will transpire in front of you and then you get to decide who wins using a Huka Pele Poker Chip. After the winner has been anounced, take home a souvenir Huka Pele Poker Chip.
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Tiki Collecting for fun and profit?

TIME: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM, SATURDAY 9/8/18
COST: $15 per person
VIP Pass * Entrance already Included with Pass.

Jason T. Smith aka TikiPug has been collecting tiki since Spring of 2001. Over the last 17 years, he has bought and sold 1000s of tiki mugs. In this symposium, he will teach you all the ins and outs to successful collecting AND flipping of all things tiki. Everything from finding it, to writing quality ebay listings, to shipping it better and cheaper than your competition. And he will show you that your tiki trash is worth good money.

Swing Dancing Lessons - Jive

NICK PETERSON has been dancing since the sounds of the Retro Swing Revival were heard on the Las Vegas Strip back in 1998. He has taught at numerous workshops around the country, held a faculty teaching position at UNLV for Beg and Int Swing Dancing for 9 semesters, was the 2002 First Alternate to represent the United States at the World Lindy Hop Championships, a 2006 Jitterbug national champion, and a member of a Swing Dance Hall of Fame. Nick has been teaching in Las Vegas since 2000 and focuses on all styles of Swing from Lindy hop to Carolina Shag to Jive to the Jitterbug. "There is no style, there is only Swing" - Dean Collins

In this class we’ll harken back to a time when we danced with each other to any music around, be it Swing, Exotica, Rockabilly, or plain ol’ Rock & Roll. This Jive lesson will get you on the dance floor with the basic steps of one of the most versatile dances around. Perfect for the lounge, the bar, the pool, or wherever liquor is sold, this Jive Basics class will give you the confidence you need to finish your drink and get on the dance floor. No partner necessary! Two left feet welcome!

So, you have the basics down and are ready to rip it up? Well, this class is for you. We’ll move beyond the basic and showcase some of the various moves and stylings that you and a partner can do on any dance floor, wood or improvised. When class is over, you’ll have the repertoire to keep twisting and turning the rest of the weekend.

TIME: JIVE Basics 5 PM- 5:45 pm - THURS 9/6/18
TIME: JIVE Beyond 6 PM- 6:45 pm - THURS 9/6/18
COST: $10 per person per class (21+ age required)
VIP Pass * Entrance already Included with Pass.