*Where is the Huka Pele event being held?

It is being held at the Thunderbird Hotel in Las Vegas. See the Map page.

*What are the dates of the Huka Pele event?

The 2018 event is being held September 6-9, 2018.

*Can I buy tickets for just one day?

No. At this time we only have tickets available for the whole weekend.

*Can I get a ticket refund?

Please contact us and we are willing to work with you. After August 1, 2018, we will allow tranferrals of ticket ownership, but not refunds.

*Is Huka Pele an all-ages event?

Yes and no. Some of our weekend activities, such as symposiums with alcohol are strictly 21+ only. Our nighttime performances are technically all-ages but may portray adult themes that we make no effort to censor, such as burlesque performances and blue humor. The vending and pool party are part of the weekend that is truely family friendly.

If you do bring children, we ask that they be monitored at all times and well-behaved, or be taken away from the venue for a time-out if they are causing a disruption. There is no charge for babies in arms, but otherwise, all guests who attend our shows must have valid admission.
*Do I have to wear a Hawaiian shirt or dress? What is the dress code?

You do not need to dress in aloha wear to attend, though the majority of our guests really get into the spirit of Huka Pele and wear their best vintage aloha outfits. There is no dress code, but we do encourage guests to "dress up". If you are looking to expand your Tiki-style wardrobe, there are multiple vendors that sell vintage shirts and dresses.
*Are hotel accommodations included with admission?

Sorry No, You must purchase tickets through Brown Paper Tickets using a link from our site or other related Huka Pele pages to be admitted to any Huka Pele events such as the main stage shows, burlesque show, symposiums and special room party events. The hotels are booked directly through the hotels.

*You haven't announced any performers yet. How will I know if I want to buy tickets?

If that's your main criterion, then yes, it's a gamble to buy weekend passes before we've announced the lineup, and you should probably wait. Tickets are typically available up to a few weeks before the event. Huka Pele will be fun no matter what. With the pool parties, vendors, and various types of entertainment we know they'll have a great time no matter who we book for our shows and symposiums. 

*Is there a weapons policy at Huka Pele?

Huka Pele wants this to be a safe environment where everyone can have a great time and feel safe at the same time. As per other large scale events, we have a no weapons policy. Please read this entire policy before attending Huka Pele. The following items are forbidden at any Huka Pele related events:
Functional firearms (including air soft guns, BB guns, cap guns, paintball guns and pellet guns)
Realistic replica firearms (including reproduction, fake or toy guns that can be confused for functional real firearms)
Functional projectile weapons (including blow guns, crossbows, long bows and slingshots)
Sharpened metal-bladed weapons (including axes, daggers, hatches, knives, swords and switch blades)
Explosives (including firecrackers and fireworks)
Chemical weapons (including mace and pepper spray) and Aerosol mustard
Blunt weapons (including brass knuckles, clubs and nunchaku)
Instruments that cause excessive noise levels like vuvuzelas, grenade whistles and grenade horns
Prop weapons will be allowed providing they are composed of cardboard, foam, wood, plastic or other light materials. Prop firearms are allowed only if they cannot be mistaken for real weapons. The barrel of all prop firearms must be covered with brightly-colored orange caps. Security will be on hand to assess all props. Get creative with your costumes but just be smart and safe about it!
Huka Pele Tiki Weekender, September 6-9, 2018

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